KID ROCK Lives In A Double Wide Trailer Despite Having An Estimated Net Worth Of $80 Million

Kid Rock is a multi-platinum, multimillionaire who has sold an estimated 35 million albums worldwide. Few artists have earned more money than he has in the history of music. As a member of an elite club of top tier earners in the music industry, Kid Rock has opted to downsize his once lavish life that included multiple mansions in favor of a much more reserved and secluded life.

Several years ago Kid Rock purchased a property outside of Nashville, Tennesse that has so much land, he needs an all-terrain vehicle to navigate it. Though that is impressive in and of itself, it’s where Kid Rock is living that caught the attention of Dan Rather earlier this year during a feature on his show called “The Big Interview”.

The “Bawitdaba” singer revealed to Dan Rather that he spends the majority of his time living in a double wide trailer because he enjoys the simplicity of it.

The residence is featured heavily in Kid Rock’s new video “Po-Dunk”, which was released on July 13th.

“I live in a double-wide trailer. It’s not like I require a lot. You know, I’ve learned to downsize through the years and it really made me more happy. I’ll sell everything and live in that double-wide but I’m not givin’ up that airplane,” Rock said, referring to his private plane that allows him to avoid going to the airport.

He added, referring to the convenience of being able to order a trailer: “It comes in two weeks. I’m a very impatient person. It comes delivered to the door in two weeks. You can customize a few things in there as you go along. You can put a cool wrap on it. I wrapped mine in mossy oak. Very easy to clean. Simplicity at its finest.

“Sure you don’t have some of the finer things like big thick shag carpet, nice big doors, this that and the other, but that stuff has never really meant a lot to me. I can get a new dishwasher and stuff that’s very easy but it’s also, you know, it’s a great conversation piece.

“You see a lot of people in my business. You go to these houses and I go where do you start in this thing? Like, how many times do you use the movie theater? I’ve built one. I maybe went in there once. Usually, because I was too drunk and couldn’t find the bedroom. It’s just like a freakin maintenance nightmare.

“I’m just figuring out what really makes me happy and I’d rather have land and things of this nature and maybe some cool cars and my plane of course and stuff like that… and really not have any worries. You don’t have to worry if things are gonna go south.

“If that trailer burns down or blows off the mountain… order another one, it’ll be here in two weeks.”

You can catch a glimpse at Kid Rock’s double wide in his new music video for “Po-Dunk”, which was recently released.


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