Melania Trump Just Got Incredible News, She Was Right, Hell Yes [Details]

The liberal biased media has reached new all-time lows with the way they have been savagely attacking President Donald Trump, particularly in terms of his private life and that of his family.

The most harassed target after Trump himself has been, sadly, his wife Melania Trump. Melania has been subjected to abuse never before given to a First Lady. Thankfully, Melania Trump received some incredible news which will make would-be assailants in the media think twice about ever attacking her again.

According to reports, the British newspaper Daily Mail agreed to pay a settlement of $2.9 million to Melania as a consequence of publishing the false story “Racy Photos, and Troubling Questions About His Wife’s Past that Could Derail Trump” about Melania that claimed that she worked as a prostitute.

The newspaper cited sources in Melania’s home country of Slovenia that either told lies or were entirely fictional. The newspaper also ran an apology to Melania in the newspaper.

Stated a lawyer for the Daily Mail, “We accept that these allegations about Mrs. Trump are not true and we retract and withdraw them.” He added, “We apologize to Mrs. Trump for any distress that our publication caused her. To settle Mrs. Trump’s two lawsuits against us, we have agreed to pay her damages and costs.” Do you think other newspapers will stop lying about Melania after this huge, precedent-setting victory for the First Lady?

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