Parents Call for hijab ban at Benowa State School

After a liberal principal agreed with Muslim parents to allow girls to wear hijabs in his school, some proud American parents were so outraged that they took the matters in their own hands and didn’t allow him to bow to sharia law. As soon as one proud American mother realized about his plan, she quickly made the liberal principal regret his decision.

Now, as the school principal did the unthinkable, tensions threaten to reach boiling point as parents push to ban Muslim students wearing the hijab.

Benowa State School P&C President, Brooke Patterson, called for the ban after she was asked to design uniforms for the students which provided “sexual modesty coverings.”

‘We need to debate this now, otherwise in three months there will be a Muslim uniform in state schools in Queensland,’ she announced at the Liberal National Party state conference.

However, the school principal asked Patterson to step down, as he said the uniform policy had to be in line with anti-discrimination laws.

‘You will need to step aside with this matter and declare a conflict of interest, as your own personal political views cannot represent or influence the views of the P&C at this school,’ the principal wrote.

Instead of panicking, Ms. Patterson was standing firm and stated that allowing young girls to wear religious clothing effectively creates a separate uniform for Muslim students.

‘Why would you be trying to do that in a secular state? We are not deciding at Benowa State School uniforms according to a Muslim culture,’ she said.

Fortunately, the emergency resolution calling for a ban on headscarves for children under the age of 10 was passed.

If this school capitulates to Muslims’ demand for the children to wear hijab, they will be signaling that they will enforce other equal aspects of Sharia Law. Luckily, the brave mom rise up against this call for Sharia law before they no longer have the right.

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