Paul Ryan Officially Proved He’s A Traitor With His Sickening Statement

Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was openly opposed to the candidacy of outsider businessman Donald Trump during the 2016. This was not surprising, given how Rep. Ryan is the consummate political insider.

Speaker Ryan has put on a show so far of being supportive of President Trump, but now that Trump has been threatened by the special investigation into him, the self-serving Ryan just threw Donald under the bus to protect his own skin.

Many have called fpr special counsel Robert Mueller to step down or be fired due to the obviously partisan, pro-Democrat affiliations he has. Instead of taking a leadership role in getting Mueller out of the picture, Ryan just made life harder for Trump by speaking out publicly in Mueller’s defense.

On “The Jay Weber Show” on radio station WISN, one caller asked Rep. Ryan why he and other Republican lawmakers are not taking more action to back up Trump during “what is becoming an obvious witch-hunt.” Instead of agreeing with the caller, Paul answered, taking the Democrats’ line, “Remember, Bob Mueller is a Republican, who was appointed by a Republican, who served in the Republican administration, and crossed over — I mean and stayed on until his term ended.”

He added, “I don’t think many people are saying Bob Mueller is a person who is a biased partisan. He’s really, sort of, anything but. The point is, we have an investigation in the House, an investigation in the Senate, and a special counsel, which sort of de-politicizes this stuff and gets it out of the political theater, and that is, I think, better to get this off to the side. I think the facts will vindicate themselves, and then let’s just go do our jobs.” Why isn’t Ryan defending Trump?

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