‘F*ck You’, The Producer Of ‘Modern Family’ Has Repulsive Message For Christians After DACA Repeal

The hit sitcom Modern Family depicts an out-of-date, Obama era fantasy about what a tolerant, liberal-minded family looks like. It turns out its producer Danny Zuker has ideas that are deeply out of step with present day America.

In a recent Twitter rant, Zuker, who is not Christian, attempted to shame any Christians who support President Donald Trump’s decision to end the unconstitutional DACA program. Said Zuker, “Dear Christian, if you support @realdonaldtrump’s decision to end DACA then your Christianity is bullshit. But on the other hand, fuck you.”

Thankfully, a conservative smartly shot back at him, “Here’s Exec Producer of @ABC‘s @ModernFam trashing Christians and urging Americans who respect rule of law to not watch Modern Family again.”

This only succeeded in making Danny see red, however, as he continued, “I do wish people had half the “outrage” they have for me typing “fuck” for Trump literally tearing families apart.” He added, “How’s this? It seems tearing families apart is at odds with the Judaeo/Christian values of SOME of those advocating ending DACA Better?”

Zuker went on, “So those who march with the KKK are fine people but brown skinned folks brought here as kids trying to make it are a threat. #DefendDACAِ” He then attempted to backtrack on his slur against Christians by claiming, “Not shitting on a whole religion. Just the MINORITY of that religion who thinks it’s awesome to tear people from the only home they’ve known.” Do you find this liberal’s words against Christians disgusting?

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